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Understand the Risks in Using Kreds Wallet

It is recommended that you treat Kreds Wallet as you would treat your actual wallet, and not store very large amounts in it. For long-term storage of Kreds you should create a cold wallet which you store in a secure location.

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Below this you will find your 15 word "Private Login Key". Keeping this secure and private is very important, as it is the only way that you will be able to login to your Kreds Wallet. As we don't store your private login key on the server there is no way to recover it if it is lost! Your private login key can also never be changed, and if it is stolen or otherwise compromised, you will have to move your funds to a new account with a new private login key. Therefore, it is best that you backup your private login key by writing it down, perhaps obscuring it as part of a poem or letter, and storing it in multiple safe and secure places.

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